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Is produced with the highest purity Reb-A because safety is important, your health matters and your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Reb-A is a high intensity natural sweetener (400 X sweeter than sugar) , therefore, only a very small amount is needed to produce the same sweetening capacity in 1 packet as 1 ½ teaspoons of sugar. For this reason, each packet contains natural ingredients added to create the necessary bulk to facilitate use.

Note: Inulin is not digested so it does not affect glucose levels making our Good&Sweet™ with Fiber especially safe for people suffering from diabetes. Inulin, like other natural fibers, can help digestion, prevent constipation, and help with regularity because of its probiotic properties.


  • Original

    We add dextrose, a natural carbohydrate derived from corn, as a carrier.

  • Hazelnut Flavor

    A small amount of natural Hazelnut flavor is added for extra flavor.

  • With Fiber

    We add inulin, a natural soluble fiber, to produce a healthier sweetener for you.

Recommended Uses

Good&Sweet™ can be used with your favorite coffee, tea, cold drinks, fruit juices, lemonade, milk, cocoa, yogurt, cereals, sprinkled over fruit or your favorite drink or blended with a health fruit smoothie.

Good&Sweet™ can be also be used in cooking and baking of your favorite desserts by reducing sugar content. Visit our recipes section.


Good&Sweet™ with Fiber is recommended for use by people with diabetes. This sweetener does not affect blood glucose levels so it is safe for daily use. For extra safety, please check with your dietitian or health care professional about the use of this product.

Good&Sweet™ vs Sugar

1 packet1 1/2 teaspoons
2 packets1 tablespoon
6 packets1/4 cup
8 packets1/3 cup
12 packets1/2 cup
24 packets1 cup

If you have a favorite recipe with Good&Sweet™, or want to find one go to our recipes section.

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